My name is Lebert Steve Rose, but in the music world, I’m Dutch Rocka. I was born in the city of Kingston, Jamaica on October 24, 1976 to a mother and father of very humble beginning. They taught me that faith and love conquer all. The poverty in my community gave me a perspective on life that no one would wish for, but it still taught me how to appreciate the little things in life.  I grew up in a house full of brothers who had a wide respect for music, that later inspired me to also express myself musically. At any given time you could pass by my gate on Red Hills Road in Kingston and hear music from Bob Marley to Tupac and everything inbetween. Ironically, the first time I performed publicly was in Queens, New York as a hip-hop artist in a local rap group named “Corpse Crew” wish ended when I went back home. After returning to Jamaica, I started my musical journey as a reggae artist or “Dj” as we say back home. 



To highlight some of my achievements, I am a certified studio engineer; I’ve shared the stage with reggae artists such as Beenie Man, Elephant Man and Sean Paul to name a few. I am the first Reggae artist to introduce the world to Magnum tonic wine, which is now a very popular drink in the Caribbean.

Since I’ve been residing in Atlanta my style of music has evolved into what I call “Rip hop” my reggae vibe on a hip hop beat. I give the best of me in music it’s my chosen way of conveying my thoughts.

I have founded Love Rules ent. LLC. And Leerocka Records, taking the musical experience to an unprecedented level of love for the people. Feel free to embrace the lyrical textures of truth, soul and rhythm. Thanks for rockin me on this journey, Bless up! 

Dutch Rocka

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